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Doors FAQs

What is the difference between a composite door and a uPVC door?

One of the main differences between a composite door and a uPVC door is the thickness of the two. Composite doors can be up to twice as thick as uPVC doors. The materials that are used to make up the composite design combine to ensure resistance to the elements and a long-lasting, durable product. However, uPVC doors are known to be arguably the most cost-effective option available. While composite doors have multiple benefits when it comes to their design, they are a potentially expensive option. UPVC doors are a great budget-friendly option with a host of their own advantages.

Are composite doors more secure?

The makeup of composite doors makes them inherently secure, along with a vast range of additional security features and accessories. Their thick cores are often coated in durable glass reinforced plastic (GRP), in turn adding an extra layer on each side of the frame. The cores can also be timber-based. Composite doors are also comprised of a number of market-leading features to ensure security is never compromised. Our three composite door offerings – Solidor, Residor and Rockdoor – all have a great selection of such elements.

What is the longest-lasting door material?

  • Aluminium - Aluminium is inherently one of the strongest and most durable materials available for doors. Their life expectancy is placed at around 45 years, meaning that their impressive height-to-weight ratio is able to serve Essex homeowners for a long while.
  • Composite - As a premium option, composite doors can provide a long life and a consistently high standard of performance. It is estimated that composite doors are able to last between 30 and 35 years, provided that sufficient maintenance is kept up.
  • Timber - Timber is known to be the longest-lasting material thanks to its natural properties. Again, provided that the door is maintained to a good degree, timber can easily last for over half a century. The timber doors can be a more expensive option, but there is certainly potential for them to more than prove its value. Timber is, however, one of the more difficult materials to maintain properly.
  • uPVC - Modern uPVC doors are still ever-improving with a number of high-quality materials used within the manufacturing process. UPVC doors have the potential to last up to 35 years, though closer estimates place their lifespan at 20-25 years.
  • What are the benefits of aluminium doors?

  • Aesthetics - The inherent strength of aluminium allows the creation of some incredibly slim sightlines that help to significantly enhance the aesthetics of a property. These provide a minimalist yet elegant style. Many aluminium options fit fantastically with modern homes, but there is enough variety and versatility able to be added within traditional properties.
  • Lifespan - Due to their properties, aluminium doors are one of the best materials when it comes to lifespan. Often able to last up to 40-45 years, aluminium doors not only provide great style but they provide the longevity to go with it.
  • Versatility - There is plenty of scope for creating some special and unique aesthetics when it comes to aluminium doors. From a range of back doors such as bifold doors to strong and durable front doors, there is a wide selection to make your home truly your own. There is also plenty of opportunity to create different designs, from a multitude of potential features to a vast range of colour choices.
  • Maintenance - Aluminium doors typically come with powder-coated frames that help to prevent any issues such as scratches or nicks. Since they are considerably weather-resistant, it would take a lot to damage or alter the pristine outer look of the door.
  • Do French doors add value to your home?

    Adding a new door into your home can be a sure-fire way to help increase the value of your home. For example, adding a set of French doors at the back of your property can provide a wide range of advantages. French doors are ideal for providing access and space, be it in an upstairs bedroom or as an exterior option to connect the garden with the inside. The extra access can help considerably when it comes to moving big items into the house. French doors also create a considerable influx of natural light into the home thanks to their large glass-based design. Not only can French doors provide added light and fresh air, but they can also add a classic touch of style and elegance to Essex homes. This is particularly true for traditional properties, but contemporary homes also greatly benefit.

    Which is more secure, a sliding patio door or a French door?

    Despite a glass-based design, sliding patio doors still offer great levels of security. The glass itself is typically double glazed and often reinforced. Shatterproof glass is ideal in such a design as it prevents intruders from easily entering. Sliding patio doors from Double Glazing Essex are fitted with multipoint locking systems and a range of other enhanced safety reinforcements.

    Similarly, French doors also have a lot of glass within their frame. The design and general operation of the French doors means it is actually one of the more secure options available. The central point of the doors makes the doors more secure because of the hinges and locking mechanism used. Each side of each door is considerably sturdy as a result. The fact that they are set within a frame and have a central locking point, hinges and pivots mean they are less likely to be prised open easily.

    Are bifold doors a good idea?

    Bifold doors are one of the most popular door options available, and for good reason. They are one of the best back door options thanks in part to their year-round usability. Their versatility and range of potential configurations is another big selling point, as they tend to fit with most homes in Essex and beyond. The minimalist appearance and slim sightlines aid the aesthetic appeal of bifold doors, with the sleek designs able to fit perfectly into contemporary homes. The natural light and increased access that they grant is also a further selling point and can even help to increase the value of a property.

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