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Contemporary aluminium entrance door

Aluminium Entrance Doors

Our standard selection of aluminium entrance doors allows for a great deal of customisation thanks to a full selection of RAL colours. Their style is then only matched by their extremely impressively strong height-to-weight ratio which makes for long-lasting and highly secure performance that works well to reinvent the household.

Interior view of black aluminium patio doors

French Doors

Two of the most popular patio entrance styles, classic French doors provide plenty of sophistication through elegant two-panel outwards opening. While those looking to blur the line between inside and outside living spaces will appreciate the smooth function of sliding patio doors. Both can be supplied and fitted in aluminium or uPVC.

painswick composite door

Composite Doors

Quite rightly considered one of the most secure entrance doors available, composite doors take their name from their mixed material construction, which works well to keep homes insulated as well as safe. They provide the genuine look of traditional timber without the need to repaint or look after. It’s a classic looking door fit for the modern age.

Grey aluminium bifold door

Bifold Doors

Bifold doors are definitely one of the most contemporary rear entrance solutions, made up of anywhere between 2 and 7 aluminium panels that neatly fold in on one another to help homeowners make the most of space while transitioning. Natural light never has a tough time entering the home and open views are a mainstay.

Bereco timber door 2

Timber Doors

When you want a unique entrance to your home, a timber door is a great choice. Because timber is a natural material, it can be customised into almost any shape, size and configuration. Choose from timber entrance doors, French doors, sliding patio doors or folding sliding doors. Timber doors are both strong and aesthetically attractive and will improve the thermal performance of any property.

High quality secure replacement doors for Essex

black composite door installation in EssexThe front and rear entrance doors to your home need to be secured by design. That’s why all of our doors are built with security features that give you peace of mind. Our doors are installed by experts who will fit your replacement door perfectly to ensure the doors perform as well as possible.

The go-to place for energy-efficient doors in Essex

Your back and front doors should be keeping you warm and help to reduce energy bills. All of our doors are manufactured to be as energy-efficient as possible. This means when you turn your heating on the warm air will be trapped inside. When warm air is kept inside your home, you won’t need to use your heating as often, helping to save you money on your energy bills and lower your carbon emissions.

External Door advice for Essex homeowners

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Exterior Door FAQs

Do I need planning permission to change my front door?

Replacing a front door will not require planning permission. It is always worth checking with the local authority to double check. Sometimes there are covenants that state what you can and cannot do with the exterior of your home.

What should I look for when buying an exterior door?

When buying a new front or back exterior door you need to look at three key points. The door should be energy efficient so that it keeps any warm air in your home and doesn't let cold air in. An exterior door should also be secure and safe to give you peace of mind that you are deterring intruders. Aesthetics are the third consideration, exterior doors add character to a home and you will see it every day so make sure you get the colour and style you will be the happiest with.

How do I choose the right door?

To choose the right front door you can call or visit our showroom and speak to an expert who will listen to your requirements and advise you on what would work best. You can also use our online door designer and play around with all the styles and options we have.

When should I replace my exterior door?

  • Energy bills are going up - If you feel a draught from your front door this means it's not doing its job of keeping the heat in your home this can mean you spend more money on heating.
  • You can see gaps around the door -  This will also mean that heat is leaking from your home. A door with gaps will also reduce the security of your home.
  • The lock isn't working smoothly - If the lock on the door isn't locking properly or if it's hard to lock and unlock this could mean the locking mechanism is compromised. This is a security risk. Replacing this door will secure your home.
  • Your door is damaged in some other way - General damage can have a triple effect. It can reduce the security of the door, cost you more in energy bills and make your home look run down.

Are front and back doors the same?

Broadly, front and back doors are the same as they require the same features. They both need to provide security for the entrances to your home. They also need to keep the warmth in your home to keep your heating bills under control. However, there is a bigger range of back door styles when compared to front doors. For example, styles such as sliding patio doors and bifold doors are generally only going to be suited to being designed as back doors.

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