Four years on and Grenfell-style ACM cladding remediation is still in limbo on 223 buildings across the UK. Of course, there are many legal and safe cladding products to protect your property’s exterior from damaging weather conditions and improve its kerb appeal – such as Marley Eternit cladding.

What is Marley Eternit cladding?

White uPVC external cladding installationEngineered from high-performance fibre cement, Marley Eternit’s multi-layered fibre structure (now branded as Cedral Weatherboard Cladding) is a high-performance composite fibre-cement cladding option made from cement, water, and cellulose fibres. Far thinner than concrete, it delivers impressive strength that can last up to 50 years with virtually no maintenance involved.

So, if your home improvement plans include giving your home a timeless facade that will stand the test of time, here are 4 benefits to this industry-leading cladding option.

1. A unique overclad solution

Marley Eternit Cedral cladding is a cost-effective way of adding an extra layer of protection to your home with the least hassle involved. Immediately transforming your home’s facade, Marley Eternit cladding can be installed over rendered or brick exteriors with ease.

With a choice of classic Cedral Lap planks or flush Cedral Click planks designed for more modern exteriors, smooth and textured finishes and four sophisticated colour collections, there are no limits to what you can achieve with Marley Eternit cladding.

Cladding fascias

2. A rot-free alternative to timber cladding

One of the best things about Marley Eternit cladding is the way it mimics the natural look of wooden cladding without any of the age-old issues associated with traditional timber.

Immune to rot, rust, chemicals, insects, algae, and bacteria, fibre cement boards will not warp or crack either. Incredibly low maintenance, Marley Eternit cladding is the ideal ‘fit and forget’ weatherboard that can be tailored to a variety of buildings across Essex and beyond.

3. Fibre cement cladding is energy efficient & sustainable

Requiring less energy to assemble and construct than all other wall materials apart from timber, fibre cement not only enhances the appearance of your home, it also provides an additional layer of insulation. Actively working to lower the amount of heat escaping and used in the home, Marley Eternit cladding provides exceptional thermal performance with U-values of just 0.212 W/m2k (the lower the U-value, the better the material is at insulating).

4. Fibre cement cladding reduces the risk of condensation

Cream uPVC cladding

Fibre cement cladding is also vapour-permeable, which means it allows water vapour to pass through it with ease. Allowing the building to ‘breathe’ better, vapour permeability reduces the risk of condensation which can damage the structure as well as the health of those who live inside.

Marley Eternit Weatherboard cladding in Essex

With an exciting selection of colours and finishes to choose from, creating your ideal facade is a breeze with stylish and practical Marley Eternit cladding. Offering the best price the first time around, get a quote, book an appointment to visit our showroom or contact our team of experts to learn more about improving your Essex home’s appearance from one of Essex’s top-rated double glazing companies.

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