As the cost of living continues to bite, homeowners throughout Essex are (quite rightly) looking for ways to reduce energy costs. Well, what if we told you that there was an effective and proven way to open up your home less to the cold? Airtight windows and doors with effective insulation and double glazing is a great step, sure, but exterior wall cladding can increase the thermal efficiency of your house significantly and prevent that precious heat escaping for good. Here’s how…

How exterior wall cladding insulating works

As well as increasing your home’s kerb appeal with a sleek, modern look, exterior wall cladding offers protection against the outside elements and keeps your property insulated. Engineered using top-quality fibre cement, it layers over your property’s original brick or block walls to further make it difficult for any of the natural heat built up inside to escape. As such, exterior wall cladding offers a U-value of just 0.212 W/m2k – well below the industry standard.

Cladding fasciasA proven way to stay warm and reduce costs

So your home is warmer with external wall cladding added, but the other major benefit is the resulting reduction of costs. Simply put, with your home being less prone to 35% heat loss and condensation, you’ll be relying much less on your central heating. That means it’ll be less of a drain on your finances, saving you money after your initial investment in the long-term. Saving on heat significantly means considerably reduced energy bills. You’ll instead be able to spend your money on the things that matter more.

A worthwhile investment offering long-term insulation

Once your home has had exterior wall cladding installed, you’re defended for the long haul. Whether it be harsh rainfall, blustery winds, or even hail stones, year-round warmth will always be maintained, letting you enjoy reduced energy bills and style thanks to the absolute best weather resistance. It’s all thanks to fibre cement being naturally robust, to the extent that in the rare event of a fire, home safety won’t be compromised. Your investment and wallet will be protected, but then so will you.

Enjoy a warm home with wall cladding from Double Glazing Essex

If you think external wall cladding is the solution to your home’s insulation needs, we at Double Glazing Essex would be happy to discuss installation plans further. For more information, get in touch with a member of our team today for a free quote.