With the cost of living reaching alarming new highs, there really has never been a more necessary time to look at how you could be saving money on energy in your home. We’ve put together this list of long and short term fixes that could potentially see you saving your hard earned money amidst the cost of living crisis. Keep reading to learn our best energy saving tips for your Essex home.

Invest in new windows to save money on your energy billsVelux window being opened

Did you know roughly around 18% of the total heat within your home is lost through your windows? Heat loss occurs when the inner panes of glazing absorb the heat generated internally, and this heat is transmitted to the cooler outside pane through conduction.

The more energy efficient your windows are, the less heat is transferred through the glazing, meaning you don’t need to spend as much on trying to keep your home warm. Investing in energy efficient double glazed windows for your Essex home will help you to save money on your energy bills and help keep you warmer through the winter months.

Install a smart meter to help keep your energy bills down

A smart meter is a great way to see how much energy you’re using, which will help you keep track of your consumption in real-time, and see where you can potentially reduce it. Smart meters eliminate the unpredictability of estimated energy bills, ensuring that you only pay for exactly what you use. Installing a smart meter means you could see a reduction in your bills straight away.

Install a thermally efficient composite door to save energy at homeComposite door grey

In terms of energy efficiency and security, it’s no secret that composite doors come out on top. All of our composite doors feature a thick, solid core which makes it increasingly difficult for any heat to get through and escape. This solid core ensures your home is kept comfortable and your energy bills are reduced.

Wash at cooler temperature to save energy at home

Washing clothes at 30 degrees rather than higher temperatures could save 40% of the energy used on washing each year. Most modern washing detergents work just as effectively at lower temperatures. It’s also smart to only put a wash on once you have a full load. Washing half loads more frequently will use more energy unnecessarily.

Turn off appliances, don’t standby, and save money on energy

Most appliances that plug into a power outlet will consume ‘standby energy’ if they are left plugged in and switched on at the wall. Simply putting you TV, computer, or games console into standby or rest mode will not stop it using energy entirely. Where possible, turn off your electricals to save as much energy as you possibly can and avoid spending unnecessarily.

Save money on your energy bills with Double Glazing Essex

Double Glazing Essex can help you transform your home with options designed to improve energy efficiency, security, and aesthetics. From timber, aluminium, and uPVC windows, to composite doors and tiled conservatory roofs we are sure to have an option to improve your home in Essex.

To learn more about the different options, please download our brochurecontact us today via our website or give us a call on 01268 424904. Our team of experts will look forward to hearing from you.

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