There’s no question that double glazed windows add value to your property and help it become more energy efficient. Therefore, you must learn the warning signs to understand when you should replace them. So, to get you started, here are the most obvious things to look out for:

broken window

Mist in the glass

If you spot mist or condensation between the windowpanes, it’s a clear sign of an issue. It shows there’s a leak in the seal around the two panes, which has let air get inside. Don’t waste time if you spot this, it’s an issue that must be fixed right away!

Leaks through the window frame

Can you see signs of water leaks around your double glazed windows? If so, the weather seal has probably broken, so it needs to be addressed. Again, get this seen to ASAP to avoid further water damage, condensation and damp to the surrounding area.

Cold draughts of air coming through

Stand by your windows and feel for a draught. Once more, a broken seal will let air pass through the window and into your home. This is an issue for your comfort, as well as your energy bill. You need to replace the windows right away to optimise home insulation and keep your property warm.

broken window

Physical signs of damage

Lastly, the most obvious sign to look for is any physical damage to the windowpanes. If there are cracks or chips, the structure of the double glazing has been compromised and must be replaced.

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Take action as soon as you notice any of these five warning signs. Replacing double glazed windows is always a smart idea, especially when selling your home. You’ll never command a high asking price for your property if the double glazing is compromised! If you need help finding new windows in Essex, feel free to call us today on 01268 424 904 or contact us online for further support.

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