When it comes to home improvements, there are a lot of choices that need to be made, such as choosing the style and colour of the product you’re debating on having installed. One of the most important decisions you’ll need to make is deciding on the material that best suits your needs. Windows are available in either Aluminium, uPVC or timber, but which one should you choose? In this piece, we ask ‘are uPVC windows better than wooden windows?’

Wooden double glazinguPVC windows vs wooden windows thermal efficiency

uPVC is short for Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride and it’s a material that has long been a favourite for homeowners in the UK. One of the reasons uPVC is frequently chosen for windows is because of their thermally efficient frames that can prevent draughts and keep your home warm all-year-round. All uPVC windows from Double Glazing Essex are able to achieve an A rating in energy efficiency as they have multi-chambered frames that exceed the Building Regulations requirements for thermal performance.

As wood is a naturally insulating material it’s very effective at retaining heat. Combined with high-performance glazing, the timber windows provided by Double Glazing Essex can reach low U-values that ensure you’ll be enjoying a home that’s permanently at a comfortable temperature. Both uPVC windows and wooden windows are energy efficient in their own ways.

uPVC windows vs wooden windows aesthetic & customisation

There are plenty of different uPVC finishes, and the uPVC windows provided by Double Glazing Essex are available in a selection of distinct colour choices. Most of the time, uPVC windows are chosen for their sleek, modern appearance, but we also offer realistic woodgrain finishes if you want to try and replicate the traditional look and feel of wooden windows.

Wooden windows are able to be painted, which means there is practically no limit to the kinds of colour options you can have them coated in. There’s a certain traditional, natural charm to wooden windows that you won’t find anywhere else, and whilst you can apply a woodgrain finish to uPVC windows as previously mentioned, you might find that you’ll always prefer the real thing.

White tripled glazed windowThe environmental impact of uPVC windows vs wooden windows

In recent years, great strides have been made to drastically decrease the impact that uPVC production has on the environment. Whilst many companies aim to reduce waste and recycle materials where possible, uPVC still emits carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and when not disposed of correctly can create more waste.

Wood is a natural material and that means it will make essentially no impact on the environment, so you might be more drawn to the idea of having wooden windows if you’re someone who tries to minimise their environmental impact as much as they can.

uPVC windows vs wooden windows security

uPVC windows excel when it comes to security and the ones from Double Glazing Essex feature multi-point locking systems that are fitted as standard. For instance, our uPVC sash windows have sash locks as well as lifts and travel restrictors. The strength of uPVC as a material means that any would-be intruder is going to seriously have trouble if they try to forcibly jam it open.

The timber windows installed by Double Glazing Essex feature multi-point espagnolette locks and ERA Fortress door cylinders that ensure they’re supremely secure. Timber is a strong material but can become weak if it isn’t cared for properly, which leads into the next point of comparison.

Residence Collection Arch WindowuPVC windows vs wooden windows maintenance

One of the best things about choosing uPVC as your window material is that it requires very little to no maintenance, so you don’t have to worry about keeping an eye on it. The longevity of uPVC is actually one of the features it’s best known for. It’s a non-corrosive material and won’t rust or rot over time.

Inverse to uPVC, wooden windows do require some maintenance to keep them both looking and functioning their best. Without proper care, a wooden window could easily begin to warp or weather. To avoid the possibility of your wooden windows falling into disrepair, you should occasionally wipe them down and give them a re-touch, with a repaint every 8-10 years to keep them looking fresh.

uPVC windows vs wooden windows cost

On average, uPVC windows tend to cost less money than their timber alternative, but this can differ based on the style of the window you’re looking to buy. Although wooden windows are more expensive than uPVC, they’re also more likely to substantially increase the value of your property, so it isn’t too much of an issue.

Should you get uPVC windows or wooden windows?

Hopefully, you’ve now got a better idea of whether you want uPVC windows or wooden windows for your home, but we also offer aluminium windows in Essex, which are equally impressive in their own right.

Each window material has its own strengths and appeal, and you really can’t go wrong with either of them when you buy from Double Glazing Essex. We’re renowned for our high-quality products like windows, doors, and conservatory refurbishments. If you’re interested in improving your property, get in touch with Double Glazing Essex today or get a quote.

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